Adobe Flash Quiz Game with Points and Time, Action Script 2 | Download files

Adobe Flash Quiz Game / Games was very common since 2010. Adobe Flash Games integrated the quiz games as a component of their games.

The quizzes can also be a separate part which can prove to be a joyful experience for a classroom and teachers.

This Flash Quiz Game has a 30 seconds limit to answer all the questions. As the person answers the question correctly, the green box gets plus 1.

Similarly, for every wrong answer, the red box gets plus 1.

The Schematics of the Flash Quiz game:

As soon as an answer button is clicked,

  1. It goes to the next frame
  2. The correct/incorrect answer box’s value is increased depending on the situation.

Meanwhile, the time is gradually getting over. As soon as the counter finishes, a black screen is displayed which showcases both the boxes.

Watch how to make Adobe Flash Platform Game (like Mario) in AS2

If you want to see the tutorial you can watch the following video.

Download AS2 Adobe Flash Interactive Quiz Game files:

This is a compressed (.rar) file which contains all the three .fla files: 

Thank you so much for this tutorial... This tutorial is very helpful... :D
Ibhien Keliat
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