Multiple Counters and Scoreboards in PowerPoint

Scoreboards in PowerPoint can be used in a variety of ways such as for quizzes in classroom or conducting trivia competitions or quiz shows such as jeopardy or if you just want to keep scores or points for any soccer match.

How to make a counter in PPT?

We will be making a simple counter in PowerPoint which are controlled by two buttons, they increase the value by one and decrease it by 1

Schematics of the PPT Counter:

  1. Add a label whose caption is 0
  2. Write two macros, one which adds 1 to the label and the other which subtracts 1 from the label.
  3. Insert the suitable macros to the corresponding shape or button in your PowerPoint presentation. 

How to make a scoreboard in PPT?

We will be making a simple scoreboard in PowerPoint. In this tutorial we will have three labels and three buttons for each.

These buttons will be for adding 2, adding 1 and subtracting 1.

Schematics of the PPT Multiple Counter Scoreboard:

This follows the same concept as the PPT Counter. 

  • The three labels are represented by a unique name: Label1, Label2, Label3.
  • Each button has the macro of +2 or +1 or -1 correspondingly.

The following Visual Basic code line states the value to be increased from Label1. Use this same principle to make more buttons with different values to add or subtract. 

“Label1.Caption = (Label1.Caption) + 2”

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