Tutorial: Download Virtual Piano in PowerPoint

Virtual Piano in PowerPoint

How do you make this in PowerPoint?

There are three simple steps to make a virtual piano / keyboard musical instrument in Microsoft PowerPoint. You needn’t worry if you don’t have the latest PowerPoint, you can make this is PPT 2007 onwards.

The final result in this tutorial:

  1. Designing a mini-piano in powerpoint with 13 audio clips.
  2. Piano notes (audio) to be produced on the mouse click on the respective key (shape).

Make a PPT Quiz Game which kept points

Schematics of the PPT Virtual Piano

  1. Various shapes are placed in the slide
  2. On click of the shape, an audio clip should be played.
  3. Each shape has a different audio clip.

Thus using those principles, I have made a mini-keyboard with 13 different audio clips. You can make LaunchPads or even a Drum kit in PowerPoint for free using this idea.


Testing the Virtual PowerPoint Piano!

Download Files

I found the audio clips from www.modernmusicteaching.com. Click on the link and scroll down. The file name is  Download the Sound Files : WAV Note Files.

Click on the below button to download the .PPS (PowerPoint Show) file which I had made in the tutorial along with the 13 audio clips which I took from modernmusicteaching.com:

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