How to make a Points Scoreboard in PowerPoint VBA

In this tutorial, we will make a Points Scoreboard in PowerPoint using Visual Basic Code.

This is very similar to the PowerPoint Score Counter Tutorial. Instead of having just one counter, these type of scoreboards will contain multiple counters and buttons to increase or decrease the points by running VBA macros.

I will be making a scoreboard having three counters and three buttons: +1, +2 and -1.

We can use a scoreboard in a very versatile manner for different PowerPoint Games by embedding this in the presentation, and in group quizzes in classroom to promote competition.


Remember that you can customize the number of labels and VBA macros based on your needs and requirements of your PowerPoint Presentation Game.

  1. Add 3 labels: Label1, Label2, Label3 respectively.
  2. Write 4 macros for each Label such that they:
    1. Increase caption by 1
    2. Increase caption by 2
    3. Decrease caption by 1
    4. Make the caption 0
  3. Insert the suitable Visual Basic macros to the corresponding shape or button in your PowerPoint presentation. 
  4. Add two shapes with the necessary macros to reset all the three counters and to exit the PowerPoint Show.

1. Enabling the Developer Tab

The first thing which we have to do is to enable the Developer Tab which is hidden by default in PowerPoint.

This will allow us to use Macros (VBA), and other add-ons.

1. Click on the Microsoft icon at the top-left corner.
2. Click on “PowerPoint Options” which is present at the bottom.
3. In the new pop-up window, select the “Popular” tab.
4. Check mark the “Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon”and then click “OK”.

1. Click on “File”.
2. Then click “Options”.
3. In the new pop-up window, select the “Customize Ribbon” tab.
4. Under Customize the Ribbon, check mark the “Developer” and then click “OK”.

2. Add a SmartArt to create a ScoreBoard

Go to Insert > SmartArt and add a SmartArt which can be used for your PowerPoint Scoreboard. You can customize the design and the number of columns and rows. Remember to adjust the number of labels and shapes to be inserted accordingly.

3. Add labels & shapes in your PPT Scoreboard

Go to the developer tab and insert a label in one of the columns. Change the properties of the label: Make sure that the name is Label1. You can adjust its font, size and other design requirements.

Now, copy that label and paste it in the other two columns of your SmartArt. Remember that the labels can’t have the same name. They must be named differently: preferably Label1, Label2, Label3.

Then, let’s add 3 shapes to each Label to represent +1, +2 and -1. After this, add a shape at the top of each label. This shape will be used to reset the counter to 0.

You can also add an oval shape at the corner of your presentation to exit the slide-show presentation. Feel free to add another one which will reset the points of all the three counters.

2. Coding in VBA Macro

Click on “View Code” which is present in your developer tab.

Let us write the following VBA Macro codes for PowerPoint:

For Label1‘s caption: Increase by 1, by 2, decrease by 1, and to make it equal to 0.

For Label2‘s caption: Increase by 1, by 2, decrease by 1, and to make it equal to 0.

For Label3‘s caption: Increase by 1, by 2, decrease by 1, and to make it equal to 0.

We have the make separate macros for each. Give a name accordingly so that it will be easy to distinguish.

Finally, add two more macros:

  1. To exit the PowerPoint Presentation
  2. To reset all the captions to 0.

3. Adding Macros for the PPT Counter

The three labels are represented by a unique name: Label1, Label2, Label3.
Each button should contain the macro of +2 or +1 or -1 correspondingly.

We can add macros by clicking on the shape, going to the
Insert Tab > Action > Mouse Click > Run Macro

Select the shape which should increase Label1‘s caption by 2 and add Sub Label1Plus2.

Similarly, do this for all the 12 shapes (+2, +1, -1, Reset; each for the 3 labels) and the 2 oval shapes in the corner to reset all the three counters and to exit the PowerPoint Show.

Once you’ve added all the macros to the corresponding shapes, your PowerPoint Scoreboard is ready to be used!

4. Saving the PowerPoint Counter

While saving your file, make sure that the file type is:
PowerPoint Macro Enabled Presentation (.pptm)

If you want it to open directly in Slide-Show mode, you can save it in .ppsm format.

Download this PowerPoint Counter template (with codes)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I add more than 3 counters? and add 5 buttons to control the points?
Yes! You can add how much ever labels or shapes with the necessary macros to suit your requirements. Just remember that no label should contain the same name and no code should contain the same Sub Name ().

2. How do I make the counter + or – 50 instead of +2?
Just replace the value present in the code. 

3. How to add a sound effect?
You can have background music in PowerPoint by just dragging the audio file in the first slide. You can change the audio settings so that it plays throughout the presentation. You can also add a sound effect on the click of a button by going to Action > Mouse Click > Play Sound

4. How can I have this scoreboard in all the slides?
Just make this in a slidemaster layout (View > Slide Master)

5. The number is not showing if it is two-digits. What do I do?
Your box might be too small or your font size must be too large. Fixing that will make it work.

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